Division 16 Individual Meet is around the corner!

The Division 16 Individual Meet is around the corner – Saturday July 25th at North Springfield.  Parklawn can place two swimmers in each event for each age group (free, back, breast, fly, and IM)  and may have the ability to enter additional swimmers if another Division 16 pool can’t fill their lane. 

For example, if Ilda doesn’t have enough 8 and under girls to fill their allocated 2 slots, we may be able to enter more of our swimmers based on a bid/lottery system.  To help us place our swimmers as best as possible, we need to know their preferred events.

Please enter your swimmer’s favorite strokes on our excel file in Google Drive by Friday.  To avoid having Coaches or Nicole review and input the preferences of our swimmers, we ask that you use Google Drive.  It is easy to use. Only times at the Meet count for eligibility to All Stars.