Piranha Spirit Gear Webstore OPEN!!!

Our 2016 Piranha Spirit Gear Webstore is open – see the link below:


If you wish to buy personalized swim silicone caps for your swimmer, orders and payment are due May 15th.  No orders will be accepted after that date.  You are required to buy two caps if you want personalized caps for a total of $15. Personalized caps may include one name (first name, last name, or nickname).  Please proof the name you enter on the site – neither the store nor the team is checking your orders for typos.  So watch that autocorrect feature!

Please note that the team (thanks to the Boosters Club) will provide one non-personalized team cap to swimmers who are registered (including signing up for snack bar duty or paying the opt-out fee) and paid in full by June 10th.  If you order personalized caps, you will not receive a non-personalized cap as the price on the store was reduced to reflect the Boosters Club support.

Check out our new team shorts and other gear available on Webstore too!
Go Piranhas!
Sipho and Nicole Molife & Dave Galway
Volunteer Swim Team Representatives